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Screen's queen

Screens-queen by Deborah Bettega, memoir book

“I have always liked cleaning. Since an early age I have been brought up independent, so as early as when I was 8 or 9 years old I did everything on my own. Juggling between two countries, I had to adapt quickly to new schedules, different routines and diverse lifestyle and society.

When I was in Russia, I had to behave like a grown up teenager because there, society leads you to independence soon, whilst in Italy children usually mature slower, lingering in the warmth of the family for much longer. I didn’t have the privilege of the latter.”

Screen’s queen is a memoir about a woman battling with mental health conditions and racial biases. Establishing her housekeeping company in Melbourne, in her twenties, Deborah encounters many unexpected work arrangements that sometimes intertwine with the memories of her childhood. Her mental health, in conjunction, takes a turn for the better through the discovery of the right therapist and journey to wellbeing.

A true, intimate and raw story about the struggle of depression and anxiety, the difficulty of being a racial target and the juicy details of people’s inner habits through the lens of a professional cleaner.

Publication Date

April 21, 2023





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